Recycle of waste materials containing tungsten

Category of grinding materials containing tungsten:materials grinded from cemented carbide, like ash powder, tungsten steel ash, tungsten mud, polished ash, polished mud, tungsten steel and cemented carbide grinding materials (ground material, table material, drain material, tungsten powder, tungsten mud, alloying powder), alloying wheel ash, tungsten mud gutter powder, APT, sodium tungstate, calcium tungstate, dead catalyst and foreign waste materials containing tungsten, etc.

Category of waste cemented carbide (tungsten steel):Machine clamp knife, welding knife, Nc cutter, shank cutter, bar, roller, wortle, mineral top hammer, stranded tungsten wire, tungsten-strip thermocouple, tungsten steel scraps, pcd mill cutter, bar, wire cutting leftover scraps, Mineral three-cone drill, Nickel-tungsten alloy, saw web, tungsten wire, tungsten electrode, tungsten wire and tungsten bar, etc. Procurement Hotline