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Hunan Litian Century New-Material Co., Ltd. Officially Start Construction


On May 11, 2014, Dai Zhongya, deputy secretary of Committee in Ningxiang Economic & Technological Development Zone and director of Management Committee announced that Hunan Litian Century New-Material Co., Ltd. officially start construction with a total of 200 million yuan investment. Such project belongs to the new-material industry in Ningxiang Economic & Technological Development Zone. Li Jie, assistant president and president of Metallurgy College of Central South University, Wu Zhongxin, president of Hunan Institute of Finance& Economy, Zhang Junlai, deputy director of Management Committee and Wang Zijin, Committee member, etc. also attend such commencement ceremony.

Li Xiangjun, chairman of Hunan Litian Century New-Material Co., Ltd. made an opening speech, Technical supported by alkaline extraction technology of tungsten researched by Central South University, corporation recycling process tungsten waste resources and it newly built tungsten deep-processing production line with annual capacity of 2,000 ton APT and 1,000 ton tungsten strip. The main products consist of ammonium paratungstate, APT, yellow tungsten, blue tungsten, tungsten powder and tungsten strip, etc. By application of such production line, material utilization rate is largely lifted and waste tungsten materials reutilization rate is also largely improved. Such project covers the area of 53,280 square meters with total investment value of about RMB 200 million yuan. After its establishment, it will be the largest, most advanced, highest intelligent tungsten recycling and deep-processing enterprise from waste carbon. After it’s put into production, the annual revenue will reaches about RMB 500 million yuan and over RMB 20 million yuan annual tax revenue. The company strives to realize company listing within three to five years’ time.

Li Jie, assistant president and president of Metallurgy College of Central South University said that by recycling secondary tungsten resources, Litian Tungsten Industry produces and exports high added-value tungsten strip, which conforms to circular economy concept and industrial policy proposed by Central Government. In the future, by collaboration with Central South University, Litian Tungsten Industry will build national research center of tungsten waste recycling technology and postdoctoral research station for the purpose of establishing technical base integrated production and research.

Dai Zhongya said that leading by food, electromechanical, new materials and modern service industries, “3+1” industrial pattern in Ningxiang Economic & Development Zone gradually comes into being. Thereinto, representing by Matsui New Material Co., Ltd, Oriental Aluminum Industry and Zhongcai Construction, these new material enterprises emphasize on technical innovation and market exploitation. And these enterprises have developed into the transformation & upgrading benchmark in Ningxiang Zone. Litian Tungsten Industry aims to establish the most modern tungsten-materials recycling demonstration garden, which absolutely complies with the layout plan of Ningxiang Economic & Development Zone. After the operation of such project, it will set an example for promoting ecology and recycling production in Ningxiang Economic & Development Zone.

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